Hoeders van de Staat. Burgemeesters in bezet en bevrijd België en Noord-Frankrijk (1914-1921). (Guardians of the State. Mayors in occupied and liberated Belgium and northern France (1914-1921)).

Conference (in Dutch) with as guests Jan Naert, Sophie De Schaepdrijver and Luc Vandeweyer. A discussion moderated by Nico Wouters.

During World War I, at a time when Belgium and northern France were under particularly harsh...Read more

13/12 2023

Scènes de Crimes. La photographie policière, témoin de l'enquête judiciaire. (Crime Scenes Police photography, a witness to the judicial investigation)

Conference-debate (in French) with guests, Laurence Druez, Xavier Rousseaux and Police Commissioner Pierre Simon A discussion led by Alain Colignon

On 1 April 2019, a major part of the photographic...Read more

20/12 2023

Occupied Hospitals. Brugmann Hospital, French Hospital-Queen Elisabeth, Jules Bordet and Georges Eastman institutes during World War II.

This year the Brugmann Hospital celebrates its centennial. The French Hospital-Queen Elisabeth in Sint-Agatha-Berchem is nearly as old; inaugurated in 1930. The same goes for the George Eastman and Jules Bordet Institutes,...Read more

12/01 2024 to 11/02 2024
25 Apr 2019 Editathon UGESCO
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