Study day

The Resistance: New research tools, new approaches

The CegeSoma/State Archives and the State Archives in Liège are pleased to welcome you to a study day in Liège on Monday 17 October to discover the numerous tools that have been developed over the past years to thoroughly...Read more

17/10 2022
Illustration : affiche de recrutement 'Il crée de la richesse' conçue par André Linglet, ca 1950 (Archives du musée de la mine de Beringen)

The energy crisis: a sense of 'déjà vu'?

Conference-debate in Dutch with guest Guy Coppieters (State Archives). An interview by Dirk Luyten (CegeSoma/State Archives).

After the brief euphoria of the Liberation in September 1944, the war drags on and chaos reigns....Read more

19/10 2022
Cinema Capitole in Gent, photo no 5937, copyrights CegeSoma/State Archives

Media and cultural life in occupied Western Europe (1940-1945)

Press, radio, cinema, literature, theatre, spectacles… In German-occupied Europe, all of these sectors are under strict control of the national-socialist apparatus. Their fate is thus linked. However, current research rarely...Read more

07/11 2022 to 08/11 2022
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