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Editathon UGESCO

Brussels during war (World War II)

On 25 April, the CegeSoma held its first Editathon about Brussels in times of war, also aimed at presenting UGESCROWD  the new crowdsourcing platform developed within the framework of the UGESCO project. The event was organized to enrich the descriptions of the photographic collections of the Centre, to reflect about new potential target audiences and to raise awareness about the challenges for collection management.The objective was also to create fresh new interest in our archives.Participants could discover new content in an interactive manner and within a casual context, while the platform developers could gather useful information among the target audience.

In the long term, the platform is intended to improve the quality of photographic archive data and to work towards visual recognition algorithms. The feedback from this experience enables us to further develop the different functions of UGESCROWD. The event was a success and it allowed us to bring the collections closer to the public thanks to easily available and accessible digital tools.

An article is published on the blog BelgiumWWII to enable you to further discover the platform.