Visite en salle de lecture CegeSoma

Reading Room

What: In our reading room at the Aviation Square, you can consult thousands of books, journals, theses, underground newspapers, pamphlets, press clippings, etc., as well as our collections in digital form.

NOTE: OUR ARCHIVAL COLLECTIONS ARE NOW STORED AT AGR2 AND MAY BE CONSULTED THERE! For more information, see "Where and how to consult our collections?".

Registration in the reading room is free but mandatory. It is not possible to borrow documents. Under certain conditions, you can make your own reproductions or buy them (see the page Reproduction of documents and our prices). For more information, please consult the rules of the reading room (in French).

How to proceed?  You always need to reserve a place in our reading room before your visit, via the online calendar. You can choose yor own date via this system, and you will then always receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

You can order books, magazines, etc. in advance (max. 5 items). Consult the library catalogue, note the reference (“cote de rangement”/ “plaatskenmerk”) of the books you are interested in and copy them into our online calendar. If you wish, we can hold items in reserve for you up to two weeks.

When? Opening days and hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 9am. at 4.30 pm without interruption.

Public holidays and closures planned for the CegeSoma and the reading room in 2023 :

Monday, April 1 : Easter Monday - Thursday, May 9 : Ascension Day - Friday, May 10 : Bridge Day - Monday, May, 20 : Pentecost Monday - Thursday, August 15 : Assumption - Friday, 16 August : Bridge Day - Friday, November 1 :  All Saints' Day - Monday, November 11 : Armistice - Friday, November 15 : Dynasty Day - From Wednesday 25 December 2024 to Wednesday 1 January 2025 : Christmas - New Year.

If you expect to need help during your visit in our reading room, do not hesitate to prepare your visit a few days in advance by sending an e-mail with the subject of your research, your question and the day you expect to come. A researcher will be glad to help. Do you have any practical questions about the reading room? Click here.