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“Oorlogscafés”: Collaboration and repression in Flanders

A new and more accessible series of lectures for the large public

Bruno De Wever & Koen Aerts, copyrights Thomas De Boever

On 24 November, Koen Aerts (UGent/State Archives-CegeSoma) and Bruno De Wever (UGent) launched a new type of lectures in Gent titled “Oorlogscafés”. Partners are the Davidsfonds and the State Archives-CegeSoma. The goal is to share knowledge and findings from scientific research into collaboration and repression with the large public in an informal, café-like setting.

Upon registration, attendees will be given access to some 20 webinars of maximum 10 minutes about topics related to collaboration and repression. Once registered, you can also ask questions in advance that will be summarised and adressed at the event. "Oorlogscafés" are organised in every Flamish province.

-> Registration via this link: https://www.davidsfonds.be/zoekresultaten?q=oorlogscaf%C3%A9

-> Further information: https://view.publitas.com/davidsfonds/het-accent_juli_2022/page/8-9

Please also note the scientific survey about the Second World War that underpins these lectures. Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/X49BRr5Mc3z1jKPE9