Les enfants de la répression (Children of Repression)

This book is the result of years of research by ...

Papy était-il un nazi? Sur les traces d'un passé de guerre.

Was Grandpa a Nazi?

Staff members from the State Archives / CegeSoma have made an essential contribution to this...

Armée Secrète.Zone V, secteur 5, Groupe D - Août 1944: cérémonie de prestation de Serment, Photo n° 27912 © CegeSoma/Archives de l'Etat

Project People@War. A social history of the Second War and its Remembrance in Belgium. (2020-2030)

People @ War. A social history of the Second World War and its Remembrance...

Nekschot. Oorlog, geweld en bevrijding in Tongeren.


"Nekschot" tells the story of the liberation of South Limburg, culminating...

Onverwerkt verleden. Collaboratie en repressie in België 1942-1952.

Onverwerkt verleden

The publication of Onverwerkt verleden in 1991 was the starting point of the...

Tussen twee vuren. Gerecht en verzet tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Tussen twee vuren (Between the Crossfire)

During the Second World War, the Belgian judiciary is caught in the crossfire. The German...

Nulpunt 1945. De Lage Landen een mensenleven later

"Nulpunt 1945"

The book “ Nulpunt 1945. De Lage Landen een mensenleven later ” (Zero-point...


Interférences : Radios, collaborations et répressions en Belgique (1939-1949)

Conference-debate (in French) with Céline Rase (UNamur) as guest speaker. A discussion led by Jean-...

Frantz Van Dorpe : a resistance member against liberal democracy.

Lecture and debate (in Dutch), guest speakers:...


National forgetting and memory : the destruction of 'national' monuments from a comparative perspective

Seventy-five years ago, on 16 March 1946, the Yser Tower was blown up by...

Illustration : Les enfants de la collaboration © Cédric Deru – Zest Studio

Regards d'historiens (Historians' viewpoints)

Three years ago, Koen Aerts (who in the meantime became a member of CegeSoma...

Transmemo. A project on the memory of collaboration and resistance during the Second World War in Belgium.

TRANSMEMO (2017-2020)

In September 2017, the federal research project TRANSMEMO was launched - a...

Guerre, famille et transmission. Colloquium project ‘TRANSMEMO’ (memories of collaboration and resistance).

Guerre, famille et transmission

On Thursday 3 October 2019 we will co-organize a conference of the research project TRANSMEMO...


Zélateurs & stipendiés des nazis en Fagne & Thiérache

The work of a privileged witness of the last world conflict, Marcel...


Ils ont pris les armes pour Hitler

The fruit of a research conducted in 2003 on behalf of CEGES thanks to the...

La valise oubliée. Enfants de guerre (1940-1945).

La valise oubliée (The Forgotten Suitcase)

Coming after the "children of the collaboration", made very fashionable by the Flemish television...