Les enfants de la répression (Children of Repression)

This book is the result of years of research by ...

Papy était-il un nazi? Sur les traces d'un passé de guerre.

Was Grandpa a Nazi?

Staff members from the State Archives / CegeSoma have made an essential contribution to this...

Procès des collaborateurs, 1945-1949, (Don RTBF), copyrights CegeSoma/Archives de l'Etat.

BRAIN project POSTWAREX started (2020-2022)

A couple of weeks ago, the new research project POSTWAREX was started. This...

Onverwerkt verleden. Collaboratie en repressie in België 1942-1952.

Onverwerkt verleden

The publication of Onverwerkt verleden in 1991 was the starting point of the...

La Belgique et la persécution des Juifs

La Belgique et la persécution des Juifs

What was the responsibility of the Belgian authorities in the persecution of...

La Belgique docile. Les autorités belges et la persécution des Juifs en Belgique durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

La Belgique docile

In January 2003, the Belgian Senate adopted a resolution entrusting CegeSoma...

Bruno De Wever & Koen Aerts, copyrights Thomas De Boever

“Oorlogscafés”: Collaboration and repression in Flanders

On 24 November, Koen Aerts ( UGent /State...


Interférences : Radios, collaborations et répressions en Belgique (1939-1949)

Conference-debate (in French) with Céline Rase (UNamur) as guest speaker. A discussion led by Jean-...
Illustration : Les enfants de la collaboration © Cédric Deru – Zest Studio

Regards d'historiens (Historians' viewpoints)

Three years ago, Koen Aerts (who in the meantime became a member of CegeSoma...

Transitional Justice and Memory in Europe (1945-2013).

Transitional Justice and Memory in Europe (1945-2013)

At the end of February 2014, the book Transitional Justice and Memory in...

Ressources et usages des archives de la justice militaire

Ressources et usages des archives de la justice militaire (Resources and Uses of Military Justice Archives)

Military jurisdictions in peacetime were abolished in Belgium in January...


Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation in Belgium, the Netherlands and France 1938-46

This international comparison between Belgium, the Netherlands and the north of France ( Nord/...