The rescue of Antwerp diamonds in May '40.

Conference-debate (in Dutch) with Bruno Comer as guest speaker . A discussion led by Dirk Luyten (...
Bruno De Wever & Koen Aerts, copyrights Thomas De Boever

“Oorlogscafés”: Collaboration and repression in Flanders

On 24 November, Koen Aerts ( UGent /State...

Claire Andrieu, Tombés du ciel. Le sort des pilotes abattus en Europe, 1939-1945.

Fallen from the sky. The fate of pilots shot down in Europe, 1939-1945.

Conference-debate in French with guest Claire Andrieu (Sciences Po, Paris) An interview conducted...
Illustration : affiche de recrutement 'Il crée de la richesse' conçue par André Linglet, ca 1950 (Archives du musée de la mine de Beringen)

The energy crisis: a sense of 'déjà vu'?

Conference-debate in Dutch with guest Guy Coppieters (State Archives). An interview by Dirk Luyten...

Review of study day 'Young Historians' - Promotions of 2020- 2021

On 5 and 6 May 2022, over thirty recently graduated students from all...

Illustration: Werner Hilgemann, Atlas zur Deutschen Zeitgeschichte 1918-1968, München Zürich, Piper, 1984, p. 144.

Ukraine : Clash of nationalisms during two world wars

Conference-debate (in French) with Alain Colignon (CegeSoma/State Archives) as guest speaker A...

The Far Right : Lessons from History

Con ference-debate (in Dutch) with Vincent Scheltiens (UAntwerpen) as guest speaker...
Les barbelés de la vengeance? Les prisonniers allemands en Belgique.

Les prisonniers de guerre allemands en Belgique après la Seconde Guerre mondiale (German war prisoners in Belgium after the Second World War)

Conference-debate ( in French ) with guest Pierre Muller ( War Heritage Institute )...

Debate evening (ADVN): "No Flanders without Germany?"

A number of publications about the German “Flamenpolitik” during the First...


Trains and the Holocaust. From a Symbol of Progress to a Genocidal Tool.

On 26 April 2022, Europalia organizes the conference " Trains and the...


Interférences : Radios, collaborations et répressions en Belgique (1939-1949)

Conference-debate (in French) with Céline Rase (UNamur) as guest speaker. A discussion led by Jean-...

Belgium, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. A Guide to Sources on of the History of Colonization. Towards a better shared heritage! (2021)

Conference-debat (in French) with Pierre-Alain Tallier and Marie Van Eeckenrode, two of the authors...

Frantz Van Dorpe : a resistance member against liberal democracy.

Lecture and debate (in Dutch), guest speakers:...


National forgetting and memory : the destruction of 'national' monuments from a comparative perspective

Seventy-five years ago, on 16 March 1946, the Yser Tower was blown up by...


Join us online for the launch of the book 'Experiencing 11 November 2018: Commemoration and the First World War Centenary' (Routledge)


Photography: Kathleen Vinck

11 November Lecture 2020

Ypres City of Peace, the Flemish Peace Institute and the In Flanders...