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Les enfants de la répression (Children of Repression)

La Flandre en proie aux démons de la collaboration.

This book is the result of years of research by Koen Aerts (University of Ghent/CegeSoma-State archives) and has already been published in Dutch in 2018 by Polis (Kinderen van de repressie. Hoe Vlaanderen worstelt met de bestraffing van de collaboratie.). Based on dozens of interviews with children of Flemish collaborators, it tries to define how collaboration and post-war repression in Flanders still echo across generations.

The author combines his research with a broader political and socio-cultural history of the postwar image of collaboration and repression, so that his book becomes a larger reference work on "the past not overcome" of World War II in Flanders and Belgium.

Koen Aerts further conducted part of the follow-up research within the TRANSMEMO project (BRAIN-Belspo), in which CegeSoma (State Archives) was a partner.

A reference work on the long-term impact of collaboration and its repression in Belgium."