CegeSoma Annual Report

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EHRI is looking for Micro-Archives

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You are welcome to visit our reading rooms

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The Pope appeals for peace via radio, 4.9.1943, photo no. 148746, copyright CegeSoma/State Archives.

A Belgian researcher in the archives of Pius XII, the wartime pope

From April 2021, Belgian researcher Elisabeth Bruyère will be investigating the Vatican...Read more

De Leiegouw, jg. 63, 2021, nr. 1

Special issue of 'De Leiegouw' about resistance and collaboration

The first number for 2021 of De Leiegouw , the heritage journal from Kortrijk, is a theme issue...Read more

L'élastique, January 1944, copyrights CegeSoma/State Archives

The censored and underground press of the two world wars now accessible via the Abraham online catalog

Victor de Laveleye, Radio Londres, w.d., coll. RTBF, rights reserved CegeSoma/State Archives l'Etat

What's new on the Belgium WWII website

In the lands of exile

During World War II, some...Read more

Archives Leo Vindevogel

Les Enfants de la Collaboration or the Archives of the Collaboration?

An exceptional promotional campaign

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Execution, 1948 - De Bruyne E.- Riemst - Rights reserved - photo no. 93220

A first workshop for the Postwarex project

On Monday, December 14, 2020, the BRAIN 2.0...Read more

Was grandpa a hero?

In late May, the book “Papy était-il un héros ? Sur les traces des hommes et des femmes dans la...Read more