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Study day 'Young Historians'

Class of 2023

On Friday 19 April 2024, CegeSoma/State Archives is pleased to invite you to its annual study day for talented young historians who recently graduated.

This year, around twenty historians from universities all over the country will present the results of their research. As usual, topics will focus on the two great world conflicts and the Cold War.

On the menu: the impact of WWI on Belgium, WWII as seen through personal diaries, Flemish volunteers on the Eastern Front, railway workers' resistance, civilian victims of bombing, how this war is represented in Belgian museums, and more. The Cold War period will also be one of the themes in the spotlight. Several contributions will be devoted to this topic. These include contacts between universities on both sides of the Iron Curtain, the analysis of film newsreels, UNESCO's World Heritage in Eastern Europe, the struggle of the Anti-Fascist Front, and Che's Congolese experience, to name but a few.

In other words, a very interesting and varied program that will enable you to discover the latest fields of research from the various universities in the country, and to meet some of tomorrow's historians.

As always, this event is open to all... so you're welcome!

The full program of this study day can be found here.