A new researcher has joined the ADOCHS project

In 2016, CegeSoma - in partnership with the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), VUB and ULB - launched the ADOCHS project (Auditing Digitalization Outputs in the Cultural Heritage Sector) aimed at improving the quality assurance process for digital heritage collections.

The project is now coordinated by Anne Chardonnens and Nico Wouters and enters its final stage as a new researcher, Chloé Brault, joins the team. Her goal shall be to draft a methodological guide for the different steps in digitisation projects of cultural heritage institutions, thereby drawing up the synthesis of the research results obtained since the start of the project.

This tool is geared towards the digitisation services of federal institutions and the decision-makers of these institutions; it shall enable them to raise awareness among cultural heritage stakeholders about the challenges and good practices of digitisation. The guide is intended to be a practical tool in which all steps of the digitisation process - such as preparing the documents, joining meta data, denominating the files, and conserving the digital data - are explored, while focussing on quality control in each step.

The spread of this tool should help to harmonise existing practices within the different cultural heritage and scientific institutions, and give each stakeholder involved in the digitisation of cultural heritage the opportunity to understand the importance of its role within the global process.