Gerard Romsee, gouverneur de la Province du Limburg (1940), secretaire-général des Affaires intérieures (1941-1944), 1942-1943 - Photo n° 32716, droits réservésn rechten.

New research project: The provincial administration of Limburg during the Second World War. (2020-2021)

The recent appearances of the Antwerp provincial governor Cathy Berx, in an effort to help...

 Anvers sous l'occupation, 1940-1945

Anvers sous l'occupation, 1940-1945

Drawing largely from the rich photographic collections of CegeSoma (mainly...

Nekschot. Oorlog, geweld en bevrijding in Tongeren.


"Nekschot" tells the story of the liberation of South Limburg, culminating...

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The Resistance in Antwerp during the Second World War

Antwerp was the most important city for the resistance in Flanders during...