Nations, Identities and the First World War. Shifting Loyalties to the Fatherland.

Nations, Identities and the First World War.

This edited volume is based on the international ‘War and Fatherland’...

Fighting Hunger, Dealing with Shortage. Everyday Life under Occupation in World War II: A Source Edition

Shortage and hunger in occupied Europe

World War II and the resulting occupation by Nazi Germany are inextricably...

En territoire ennemi 1914-1949. Expériences d’occupation, transferts, héritages.

En territoire ennemi 1914-1949.

Periods of commemoration often offer opportunities in the editorial field....


Justice in Wartime and Revolutions. Europe, 1795-1950

Revolutions, wars and their settlement put pressure on legal systems....

Transitional Justice and Memory in Europe (1945-2013).

Transitional Justice and Memory in Europe (1945-2013)

At the end of February 2014, the book Transitional Justice and Memory in...


La résistance et les Européens du Nord. Het Verzet en Noord-Europa.

The specific nature of the contributions submitted and discussed in Brussels...

War in short pants, 14-18.

War in Short Pants, 14-18

The exhibition "War in Short Pants, 14-18" is the fruit of a collaboration between CegeSoma and...