Belgium, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. A Guide to Sources on of the History of Colonization. Towards a better shared heritage!

Conference-debat (in French) with Pierre-Alain Tallier and Marie Van Eeckenrode, two of the authors...
Buste de Paul Panda Farnana, Collection Ville de Mons, MBA 556

Colonisation/Decolonisation: multiple and multifaceted memories. The case of Mons.

The issue of colonial and decolonial memory is currently at the heart of...


Congo-Belgique 1955-1965

This book suggests approaching the period of transition from the colonial Congo to an...

The Children of Save. Stolen or Saved ?

The Children of Save (2010-2012)

At the eve of the decolonisation of the Belgian colonial...

Femmes en colonie

Women in the Colony (2008-2011)

The aim of the project "Women in the Colony" which was carried out from 2008...

The impact of the first World War in a colonial context. Public History Encounter of the CegeSoma (2019 - 2).

The impact of the first World War in a colonial context

With the end of the commemorations of the First World War, we can make one...