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Young historians’ day: Class of 2023, full of qualities!

On 19 April 2024, nineteen young historians who had recently graduated from various universities in the country were invited to CegeSoma. They had been selected for the quality of their master's theses on subjects related to the themes studied by the institution, and given the opportunity to present the results of their research in a ten-minute paper. That is not an easy task, but one they mastered brilliantly!
Below you will find the abstracts of the different papers. If you are interested in a subject in particular, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be pleased to transmit your request or comment to the young historian in question.  

 1. From the First to the Second World War: Echoes, institutions and identifications (session chaired by Chantal Kesteloot, CegeSoma/State Archives)

2. Un certain regard: The Second World War through the lens of diaries (session chaired by Fabrice Maerten, CegeSoma/State Archives)

3. Eastern Front, civilian victims and resistance fighters in Belgium (session chaired by Dimitri Roden, CegeSoma/State Archives)

4. Cold War: Echoes from here and elsewhere (session chaired by Widukind De Ridder, CegeSoma/State Archives & KULeuven)

5. Cold War: Echoes from the East (session chaired by Michaël Auwers, CegeSoma/State Archives)