Marc Verschooris


Marc Verschooris (1956) is a former lector at the Hogeschool Ghent. Since 1994, he carries out reseach and publishes about the resistance, collaboration and the persecution of Jews in Gent during WWII.

From 1994 to 2019, he authored 5 publications: "De papegaai is geschoten" (1994) and "Wachten op de maan van mei" (2000) about Albert Mélot (1915-2010), "Schrijven in de schaduw van de dood" (2005) about the return of political prisoners and the Jews of Ghent, "Hoe zwart in het donker gedijt" (2015) about Sipo-SD Gent-Leeuwarden and "De gebroken arm der wet" (2018) about the criminal investigation department at the public prosecution office in Ghent (1937-1947).

In 2019, he published "Attendre la lune de mai" in French, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation, in which he focussed on secret agents active in Ghent in 1944 at the service of the State Security and the Second Directorate of National Defense. This publication is also available in Dutch.