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Responsibilities and Expertise of the Scientific staff per Domain

  • Nico Wouters : Head of the Fourth Operational Directorate (Second World War (local administration and collaboration, policy of the lesser evil, persecution of Jews) and the role of states in history and commemorative policies)
  • Michael Auwers : research (Belgian foreign policy, Cold War, First World War, diplomacy, democratisation) and support for the Journal of Belgian History
  • Anne Chardonnens : Digitisation (digital humanities, quality of digital data).
  • Alain Colignon : Library and public information (20th century conflicts (1914-1950), collaboration, resistance, geopolitics, memory and collective representations, social semiology)
  • Gertjan Desmet : Archives management (military justice, Jewish populations in Belgium, private associations)
  • Chantal Kesteloot : Public history (history of Brussels, war memories, nationalism and identity)
  • Dirk Luyten : Research (legal history, socio-economic history, social policy)
  • Fabrice Maerten : Valorisation of the collections (resistance, Catholic world, Second World War, Hainaut, daily life)
  • Isabelle Ponteville : Communication & event