Paul De Jongh

Paul De Jongh (born in Deurne in 1959; residing in Vosselaar near Turnhout) is a jurist and head of a publishing house specialised in academic works. Since 2013 he studies resistance movements (espionage and escape routes) in the border region of Herve-Liège-VoerenEijsden (NL), infiltration (Hannibal Belgium), arrests, judicial procedures and executions (Utrecht/Rhijnauwen), with special interest in the role of the abbey Val-Dieu and its monks Jacobs an Muhren and recently published a work about the subject in 2018 entitled ‘Grenzeloos verzet. Over spionerende monniken, ontsnappingslijnen en het Hannibalspiel, 1940-1943 (Translated into French in 2019).

  • Grenzeloos verzet : Over spionerende monniken, ontsnappingslijnen en het Hannibalspiel 1940-1943, Turnhout : Brepols, 2018, 343 p.
  • Résistance sans frontières. Enquête sur les groupes d´espionnage et les lignes d´évasion (1940-1943), Waterloo, Renaissance du Livre, 2019, 366 p.