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This is a digital version of the work of Gie van den Berghe, Getuigen. Een case-study over ego-documenten. Bibliografie van ego-documenten over de nationaal-socialistische kampen en gevangenissen, geschreven of getekend door 'Belgische' (ex-)gevangenen: Belgen, personen die in België gedomicilieerd waren of verbleven, en andere uit België gedeporteerde personen (Brussels , The Centre for Research and Studies on the History of the Second World war, 1995 – 2 delen). 


This book was (and remains) the first national bibliography of its kind, a systematic and analytic bibliography of first-person accounts of the Nazi camps. It includes some 1600 eye-witness accounts: books and brochures, drawings, manuscripts and testimonies in clandestine papers, compilations, magazines and newspapers.

The collection was concluded early August 1994. It includes some documents of a later date, because I was involved in their publication as an author.

In this digital version, a search can be made by author, camp, prison, commando, title or word in title. This allows one, for example, to look for all 'Belgian' witness accounts of a particular camp.

For a complete introduction (in Dutch) please consult the author's website.