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Resistance in Flanders 

This database collects for the first time all archival sources kept in Belgium on the Resistance in Flanders and in Brussels during and after the Second World War. It constitutes a centralised, virtual access point to the resistance archives. It includes all Belgian archive collections, with the exception of the administrative archives kept in the capitals of each province. 

The database inventories all sources kept in Belgium concerning the Resistance in Flanders. Flanders does not just constitute the geographical space of the present Flemish and Brussels regions: also integrated in the database are the sources related to resistance fighters and organisations that were active in Flanders.

The database “Resistance in Flanders” was developed with the help of the Pallas integrated access system and can be consulted either by browsing the documents or by words from titles, descriptions or keywords (see list of keywords).

This electronic catalogue is constantly updated and adapted. Any suggestions can be sent to the creators of the database. The database lists only archival sources. Pallas on the other hand lists published source material, such as the clandestine press, tracts, brochures, post-war publications of resistance organisations originating from the collections of Cegesoma. Interviews with former resistance fighters are kept among others in the collections of the Centre. Finally, there is a bibliography of literature on the Resistance in Flanders.