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The CHTP-BEG online

We have decided to put all the issues of the journal online thus assuring a wider accessibility.
Contemporary history in Belgium suffers from a lack of international visibility that is not entirely due to a lack of interest for the history of a “small” country.
If you wish to read a issue or a specific article, it is now possible.

It is now possible to read the 24 issues of our journal online on the CEGESOMA website. Please note that downloading the file might take some time. Almost al the issues are also available in a printed version, as a single issue or as a yearly subscription. Click here to order them.

There is a problem to open some older editions of the CHTP-BEG via the pdf-reader of Adobe. Alternative pdf-readers exist that do not present these problems. One of them is the pdf-reader "foxit reader". This software can be downloaded here and used for free.

 chtp-beg n° 24 

chtp 24

chtp-beg n° 23 

chtp 23

 chtp-beg n° 22 

chtp 22


chtp-beg n° 21 

chtp 21

chtp-beg n° 20 

chtp 20

chtp-beg n° 19 

chtp 19

chtp-beg n° 18 

chtp 18

chtp-beg n° 17 

chtp 17

chtp-beg n° 16 

chtp 16

chtp-beg n° 15

chtp 15

chtp-beg n° 13-14

chtp 13-14

  chtp-beg n° 12

chtp 12

chtp-beg n° 11

chtp 11

chtp-beg n° 10

chtp 10

  chtp-beg n° 9

chtp 9

 chtp-beg n° 8

chtp 8

 chtp-beg n° 7

chtp 7

 chtp-beg n° 6

chtp 6

 chtp-beg n° 5

chtp 5

chtp-beg n° 4

chtp 4

  chtp_beg n° 3

chtp 3

 chtp-beg n° 2

chtp 2

 chtp-beg n° 1

chtp 1