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The Cahiers and Cahiers-Bijdragen online

We have also decided to put the Cahiers d'histoire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, which became the Cahiers-Bijdragen, online, to allow the readers to acquaint themselves with the issues published before 1996. 
Would you like to consult an old issue of this journal ?

This is now possible. The 17 issues of the Cahiers, which became the Cahiers-Bijdragen, are available online. To consult one of these issues, just click on the issue of your choice. The loading of the journal may take some time. Furthermore, certain issues are still available in a paper version at the price of 5 euros (Cahiers 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15 and 16). To order these issues please contact Lieve Maes.

It can be problematic to open certain old issues of our Cahiers with the pdf reader Adobe. There are however other pdf readers which do not present these problems, among others "foxit reader". This software is freely downloadable and accessible here


Cahiers n° spécial - 1995

Special issue Hungary

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 17 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 17

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 16 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 16

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 15 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 15

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 14

Cahiers-Bijdragen 14

 Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 13 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 13

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 12 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 12

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 11 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 11

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 10 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 10

Cahiers-Bijdragen n° 9 

Cahiers-Bijdragen 9

Index De Jonghe

Index De Jonghe

Cahiers n° 8

Cahiers 8

Cahiers n° 7

Cahiers 7

Cahiers n° 6

Cahiers 6

Cahiers n° 5

Cahiers 5

Cahiers n° 4

Cahiers 4

Cahiers n° 3

Cahiers 3

Cahiers n° 2

Cahiers 2

Cahiers n° 1

Cahiers 1