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The new Journal of Belgian History


The new Journal of Belgian History (JBH) is an illustrated scientific journal devoted to the history of Belgium in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is the result of a merger between the old RBHC / BTNG (1969-2011) and the Cahiers d'Histoire du Temps présent / Bijdragen tot de Eigentijdse Geschiedenis (1996-2011). The journal publishes high-quality articles, summaries of the work of recent doctoral theses, and reviews of historical monographs concerning the history of Belgium, as well as a debate forum. More information can be found in the editorial of the first issue (click here for consultation).

The journal has been incorporated since 2007 in the ISI Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Four issues are published annually including articles in English, French and Dutch. The new JBH is published by CEGESOMA. The journal has its own website (click here for consultation).


New issue of the JBH out now

 The first issue of the JBH for the year 2019 has been published.

It contains four articles, a section about doctoral theses and a number of reviews.

Earlier in 2019, the price of JBH issues was significantly lowered, so this first issue is available at a very reasonable price. Read more...

A price reduction and an anniversary issue of the JBH in 2019

 Thanks to the financial support of the Universitaire Stichting – Fondation Universitaire and the FNRS we can announce some good news : the cost of the Journal of Belgian History will be reduced. As of 2019, you will pay as an individual reader only 40 euro (without shipping costs) for a subscription of four issues; institutions will pay 60 euro (without shipping costs). One issue will cost only 15 euro (a single issue) or 25 euro (a double sized issue). Bookshops can enjoy a 20% discount. This reduction will not have any impact on the quality of the content, quite on the contrary.
Read more...

JBH : New content digitally accessible

 The articles and sections (debate, book reviews, PhD's) of 2017 are now fully accessible online on : www.journalbelgianhistory.be. Read more...

Issue 4 of the JBH (2018) now available

 The fourth issue of the Journal of Belgian History contains four articles and a contribution to the debate section. Read more...

Third issue of the JBH 2018 published

 Just a few weeks after the publication of the first double-sized issue of 2018 (the thematic issue 'Congo at War'), the third issue of the JBH has already arrived. The issue has four articles: one in French, two in Dutch and one in English. Read more...

Journal of Belgian History: Special edition ‘Congo at war’ (2018 1-2) out now!

 This special edition with guest editors Enika Ngongo, Bérengère Piret and Nathalie Toussignant is dedicated to Congo during the First World War.
It contains six innovative articles that look beyond strictly military aspects and delve into a number of issues related to international law. 
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The Journal of Belgian History publishes a thematic issue on the history of psychiatry in Belgium

 The new issue (number four, 2017) of the Journal of Belgian History is a thematic issue on the history of psychiatry in Belgium, edited by Benoît Majerus (Université de Luxembourg) and Anne Roekens (Université de Namur). Read more...

The ‘Bijdragen’/’Cahiers’ (1970-1995) added to the digital archive of the JBH

 The seventeen volumes of the journal 'Bijdragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Tweede Wereldoorlog'/'Cahiers d'histoire de la seconde guerre mondiale' (1970-1995) have been added to the website of the Journal of Belgian History (JBH) (http://www.journalbelgianhistory.be/en). All articles are free and digitally accessible. This means that, for the first time, the digital archive of three related journals have been integrated: the old 'Bijdragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Tweede Wereldoorlog'/'Cahiers d'histoire de la seconde guerre mondiale', the Journal of Belgian History (from 1969) and the 'Bijdragen tot de Eigentijdse Geschiedenis'/'Cahiers d'Histoire du Temps présent' (BEG/CHTP, 1996-2011).
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