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Finished Projects

Among the projects that have been successfully concluded in the last few years, three have led to the successful realisation of four doctoral theses.
We refer to the project on the `Belgian Intelligence Services, 1940-1945', on `Violence, Crime and War' and on the diamond industry. Others have resulted in publications and/or substantial research reports: the study on the Haut Commissariat à la Sécurité de l'Etat, the project on the Belgian administration and the one on the newsreels in Belgium.


The State and forced agricultural labour in Congo during WWII

 This study, carried out in the course of 18 months by the PAI “Justice and Populations” at CegeSoma, intends to shed light on the role played by the judicial apparatus in the labour policies applied to colonized populations. The theme is tackled through the issue of forced agricultural labour, which was established in the Belgian Congo to support the war effort between 1940 and 1945. The aim is to seize the different ways in which the State controlled, pacified, combed and regulated territories and their inhabitants.
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“Those who hold Bastogne”

Peter Schrijvers is a historian and Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Sidney. He recently published his book on the Siege of Bastogne.

The book was made possible with the help of Australian funds for research and a fellowship granted by CEGESOMA in 2012. Read more...

La justice de transition à l’issue des guerres et des dictatures. Un bilan

 Les 23 et 24 mai 2012, le CEGESOMA co-organisait un symposium international au palais d'Egmont. Cet événement scientifique marquait l'aboutissement du projet Transitional Justice after war and dictatorship, initié en 2011 par le sociologue Luc Huyse et coordonné par le CEGESOMA grâce aux moyens financiers octroyés par le service Consolidation de la paix du SPF Affaires Etrangères. L'initiative a cependant encore connu d'importants prolongements sous la forme de la mise à disposition de rapports et de la publication d'un ouvrage.
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Succesful Collaboration with Limburg Partners in the Heritage Sector has Ended

 CEGESOMA looks back with satisfaction on two years of close cooperation with the Provinciaal Centrum voor Cultureel Erfgoed (PCCE) and local partners in North Limburg. In 2011 and 2012, the Centre supported a regional heritage project on the Second World War in the Campine region of Limburg, contributing both in terms of content and organisation.  At the same time, it has contributed to a larger-scale provincial commemmorative project on the First World War. Read more...

The Gender Question in the Belgian Congo. A Review of the Project “Women in the Colony”

 The aim of the project "Women in the Colony" which was carried out from 2008 to 2011 at Cegesoma was to try to gain more insight into colonial history during the period 1885 - 1962 in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi from a gender perspective. The objective was to trace a collective image of western women in the Central African territories and to measure the impact of the presence of European women in the world of labour on colonial society, in day to day life as well as on the level of political orientations.
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Justice in face of the enemy. Experiences of Belgian magistrates during 1914-1918

Photo Mélanie Bost

Judicial history has long been absent from historiography of the first German occupation. A PhD thesis recently defended at UCL by Mélanie Bost (researcher at Cegesoma) rediscovers the magistrates' roles during this period. This thesis, entitled “Traverser l'Occupation 1914-1918. Du modus vivendi à la grève, la magistrature belge face aux occupants allemands” (“Crossing the occupation 1914-1918. From modus vivendi to strike, the Belgian magistrates in face of the enemy”) sheds new light on the relationship between occupant and occupier between 1914 and 1918. In this short interview below, the author tackles the initial starting points as well as main conclusions of her research. Read more...

State Building: Incorporating Local Perspectives through Life Stories

 Focusing on state building in Kosovo, this research is funded by the Dutch Research Foundation (NWO) and carried out by Arlinda Rrustemi (currently affiliated researcher at CEGESOMA) from Leiden University. The research tries to bring a new, more local perspective to the established literature. State building will be analyzed by using the methodology of life stories, looking at the biographies of individuals whose life experiences reveal new aspects about the process of state building. Read more...

Transitional Justice: workshop report Cape Town available online

On 7-8 March 2013, The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation organized a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, on the subject of justice and accountability after war and dictatorship. This workshop was the direct result of the larger Transitional Justice project coordinated between 2011-2012 by CEGESOMA and funded the Belgian ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the Cape Town workshop, Luc Huyse presented this project's final report. He also wrote the workshop-report, which is available here as freely downloadable pdf-file (Workshop Report).


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