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Finished Projects

Among the projects that have been successfully concluded in the last few years, three have led to the successful realisation of four doctoral theses.
We refer to the project on the `Belgian Intelligence Services, 1940-1945', on `Violence, Crime and War' and on the diamond industry. Others have resulted in publications and/or substantial research reports: the study on the Haut Commissariat à la Sécurité de l'Etat, the project on the Belgian administration and the one on the newsreels in Belgium.


Proceedings of the conference "Justice in Wartime and Revolutions" have been published

 In September 2011, Cegesoma collaborated with the Centre d'histoire du droit et de la justice at the UCL to organize an international conference on justice in times of war and revolution as a part of the Interuniversity Attraction Pole “Political and Social History of Belgian Justice since 1795”. The proceedings of this conference have now been published. To obtain further details and to order the publication, click here.
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Transitional Justice after War and Dictatorship

The final report (by Luc Huyse) is available online

During 2011-12, CEGESOMA coordinated the project "Transitional Justice after War and Dictatorship. Learning from European Experiences (1945-2010)". The project's final report, written by renowned sociologist Luc Huyse, is downloadable as a pdf file in three languages: in English (Final Report), in French (Rapport Final) and in Spanish (Informe Final).
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Les décombres de la guerre. Mémoires belges en conflit, 1945-2010

Why did the Belgians never succeed in coming to terms with the Second World War ?

 The liberation in 1944 was not only the end of a war. It was also the beginning of a painful fight for its memory. More than other countries in Western Europe, Belgium is divided on the issue of the memory of the occupation. Resistance fighters and collaborators, political prisoners and victims of racial persecution created very divergent commemoration rituals. Imbued with the old Belgo-Belgian quarrels and with the new European antagonisms arisen in the Cold War period, these rivalling memories confront each other to the present day. In Les décombres de la guerre (click here to order the book), the result of a research project carried out for two years at Cegesoma, Bruno Benvindo and Evert Peeters describe this confrontation. Read more...

Belgium and the international law of war

 The study of Rik Verwaest, Van Den Haag tot Genève: België en het internationale oorlogsrecht (1874-1950) (click here to order it) is the result of a research project of Cegesoma and sheds light on the Belgian relations with the law of war from 1874 till today. This accessible book examines the Belgian application of the law of war during known and less known episodes from the Belgian war past: the jungle war in Africa, the terror during the occupation of the Ruhr, the German prisoners in the battle for coal...
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Cegesoma-study "La Belgique docile" in Wikileaks

As is well-known, Cegesoma was entrusted in 2003 with a mission to make a study of the possible responsibility of the Belgian authorities concerning the persecution of the Jews. On 13 February 2007, the results of this study, a bulky report of more than one thousand pages, was presented in the Belgian Senate under the title La Belgique docile. The research results were published in the same year, in a French and a Dutch version (to order the French version, click here). However, the expected debate in Parliament has not yet taken place.
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Violence and war. The rich harvest of a twofold Cegesoma project

The recent publication of Antoon Vrints on public violence in Antwerp during the first half of the 20th century proves once more the success of the project “Violence, criminality and wars: a comparative research of the two world conflicts” which has been carried out between 2001 and 2004 in our institute by Benoît Majerus and Toon Vrints. The opportunity par excellence to take another look at the conclusions of the two brilliant doctoral theses to which the project has led.
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Congo-Belgique, 1955-1965. Entre propagande et réalité.

 On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Congo, Cegesoma wants to contribute to the publications on the common past of Belgium and Congo, in the former metropole as well as in Central Africa, by publishing a volume in which the image occupies a central role. Indeed, the album Congo-Belgique (to order it, click here) proposes to approach the transition period of the colonial Congo towards an independent Congo through a critical analysis of the photographic production between 1955 and 1965.

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Villes en guerre – Anvers 1940-1945

 After the first and very successful volume (third edition!) of the series of photographic albums Cities at War on Brussels, the volume on Antwerp (click here to order) has been published.

This album tries, by means of photography, to offer a better view on the history of (Greater-) Antwerp during the period 1940-1945.

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