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IAP Justice and Populations finalized with a rich selection of publications

On 20 December 2017, CegeSoma organized the last event in the context of the IAP 'Justice and Populations': an international workshop on the research of IAP-collaborator Dr. Jan Julia Zurna with regard to the 'liberation murders' in the court district of Brussels.

Presentation of the book of JJ Zurné - CegeSoma - 29.11.2017.
Presentation of the book of JJ Zurné - CegeSoma - 29.11.2017.
Jan Julia studied the way in which justice dealt with murders of alleged collaborators that could be linked to the resistance in the first months after the liberation in the court district of Brussels. Since this phenomenon was not limited to Belgium, foreign researchers were asked to reflect on the research of Jan Julia Zurné: Jean Marc Berlière and Henk Termeer debated with her and Xavier Rousseaux, promotor of the IAP, added a long-term perspective. Jan Julia will include these comments in the article she has dedicated to the question and which has been submitted to the editorial board of an international specialized journal.


This is not the only scientific output of the IAP, a project which started in 2012. The IAP researchers of CegeSoma were authors or co-authors of several publications.

Jan Julia Zurné wrote a book destined for a wide audience on the magistracy and the resistance during the Second World War in Belgium, based on her doctoral thesis which was written in the context of the IAP: Jan Julia Zurné, Tussen twee vuren, Gerecht en verzet tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog, Tielt, Lannoo, 2017.

Previously, she had developed a case study in the JBH: Jan Julia- Zurné, 'Een “bedrijfsongeval” met verregaande gevolgen. Het parket van Brussel en de zaak-Predom 1942-1947', in: Journal of Belgian History, 46:3/4, 2016, p. 10-43.


Mélanie Bost, who also worked as a researcher in the context of the IAP, was one of the editors of the proceedings of a colloquium organized by the IAP on the sources of the military justice. The military justice is primarily known as organizer of the repression after the Second World War, but the sources that were produced by this institution are also relevant for other periods of the history of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Mélanie Bost, Paul Drossens and Stanislas Horvat (eds.), 'Ressources et usages des archives de la Justice militaire = Bronnen en onderzoeksperspectieven in verband met het Militaire Gerecht', in: Justice & Society, VII, State Archives, Brussels 2016.


Gerlinda Swillen and Laurence Petrone were associated researchers with the IAP. Gerlinda Swillen published a book based on her thesis on 'War Children', a group that was confronted with numerous legal problems. Gerlinda Swillen, De wieg van de Tweede Wereldoorlog : Oorlogskinderen op de as Brussel-Berlijn, VUBPress, Brussels, 2016. Laurence Petrone did international comparative research on extrajudicial deprivation of liberty between 1914 and 1940, a question which has gained relevance in the context of terrorism. Laurence Petrone, 'Democratie in crisis. Een anatomie van de buitengerechtelijke vrijheidsberoving in West-Europa (1914-1940)', in: Studies in Belgian History 3, State Archives, Brussels, 2017.


Public history

The IAP's core business is academic research, but the project has also led to a number of publications for a wider audience. Les mots de la justice, Mardaga, Brussels, 2017 explains the legal jargon in an understandable language and in this way makes the judicial system comprehensible, connecting past and present. The book Papy était-il un Nazi?, of which the co-promotor of the IAP is one of the co-authors, explains how sources that give information on persons involved in repression and purges can be found and used. Koen Aerts, Dirk Luyten, Bart Willems, Paul Drossens, Pieter Lagrou, Papy était-il un Nazi? Sur les traces d'un passé de guerre, Bruxelles, Racine, 2017.


Finally, the website Belgium WW II (www.belgiumwwii.be) has a legal component, which has for the most part been  realized by IAP researcher Tamar Cachet.

All these publications, except Les mots de la justice can be ordered at CegeSoma. More information can be found here.    


Dirk Luyten