Online catalogue Pallas

Pallas allows the reader to search the archives, the library and the audiovisual collections of Cegesoma with a few mouse clicks.


To consult the online catalogue Pallas

It is possible to search the different document collections and archives of Cegesoma, or to select one or more documentary entities. With regard to the archive collections the context is always available which allows, other than via the classic thematic search methods, to view the structure of the archives by browsing the collections. For the inventories of the separate archives, open the pdf document at the end of the description or tick off the +touch before the description in "browse the archives".


The ultimate objective is to integrate the collections of Cegesoma. The following collections are already accessible :

All the descriptions of the photographs are available in French and Dutch. This is also the case for the highest levels of archive descriptions; the others are written in the language of the cataloguer


If you have a specific request concerning the history of the Second World War or the conflicts of the twentieth century please contact Lieven Saerens.