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Bevrijd Brussels Libérée (Liberated Brussels)

Brussels, 3 September 1944. Since the early hours of the morning, Radio London broadcasts the Belgian national anthem, the Brabançonne. Just one day before, the first units of the Allied Armed Forces have entered the country. In the capital city, people stayed indoors, following the instructions not to interfere with troop movements.

Then, shortly before 8 pm, the first Allied tank enters Brussels. When poeple recognize it, they burst with joy.

 We all remember the images of people surrounding tanks in droves, women embracing soldiers, and children getting autographs. The Liberation of Brussels is a moment of emotion, but not only emotions…

Discover the most iconic images of the Liberation of Brussels and other less known pictures: The last fights at Trone square, the fire at the Palace of Justice, the return of the government, and the first trials of collaborators…

These emotions of the first days of September 1944 are brought back to life in a new exhibition by Les Halles Saint-Géry, CegeSoma/State Archives and Germaine Image: Bevrijd Brussels Libérée, a photographic and archival retrospective brought to you in collaboration with Cinematek, the War Heritage Institute and the Royal Library.

Open every day from 3 September until 3 November at Halles Saint-Géry (Place Saint-Géry 1, 1000 Brussels), from 10 am until 10 pm. Free entrance!