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War - occupation - liberation: a new book on Belgium during the Second World War

On May 8, a new permanent exhibition on the Second World War was opened at the Army Museum / War Heritage Institute.

This exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that looks at the Second World War from different angles. To the latter, CegeSoma researchers have made a significant contribution.

 The book is by no means a "battle-history"; on the contrary, it highlights various social, political and cultural aspects of the history of the Second World War.

The latest research in this field is being integrated through a number of authors who have recently defended their doctoral thesis in the field of Second World War history.

"Confirmed" authors from different universities and research institutions, such as CegeSoma, have also contributed. The book opts for a broad chronological perspective, starting in the inter-war period, paying particular attention to liberation and not forgetting the weight of memory.

Finally, Belgium has been placed in a broader international context, as evidenced by the contribution of the renowned British historian Richard Overy, who concludes the book.


A book for the wider public

The book is intended for a wide audience. The (short) chapters take as their starting point a collector's piece that can also be seen in the exhibition.

The book is richly illustrated, but this does not affect its scientific accuracy: the chapters are accompanied by a endnotes and a bibliography closes the book.

In short, an ideal book for those looking for a readable and up-to-date overview of the impact of the Second World War on Belgian society.

The book is published in Dutch, French and English and costs €29.99.  It is on sale in bookshops and of course also in the museum shop on the occasion of the exhibition.

To find more information on the opening hours click here.