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2019 : A festive year at the CegeSoma!

Fifty years ago, in 1969 , an enthusiastic team of six young researchers came together to initiate pioneering work on the history of the Second World War … The Centre for Research and historical Studies on the Second World War (CREHSGM), the predecessor to the CegeSoma, was born!
Also in 1969, the first edition of the Journal of Belgian History appeared, which is published by CegeSoma/the State Archives since 2011.
Seventy years ago, in the evening of September 3, 1944, Brussels was liberated by British troops accompanied by Belgians of the Brigade Piron.


Therefore, in 2019 we celebrate three anniversaries.


Throughout this year of celebration, CegeSoma (State Archives) is planning a range of activities, events and book releases.

 Liberation of Brussels by the Allies, September 1944, Photo 29474, © State Archives.
Liberation of Brussels by the Allies, September 1944, Photo 29474, © State Archives.

Programme :

  • The overhaul and renewal of our current website into a new thematic website, which, we hope, will serve even better to meet your needs and expectations;
  • The second “Public history meeting” of CegeSoma on March 20, where Anne Cornet and Enika Ngongo will discuss the impact of the First World War in a colonial context;
  • On April 25, as part of the UGESCO project, a conference on crowdsourcing followed by a practical application of the crowdsourcing model with an 'editathon'  on the topic of "Brussels during the Second World War" in the evening;
  • On June 3, a day for French-speaking local history associations on the topic “From Liberation to Victory : local history revisited”; 
  • On June 17, a day for Dutch-speaking local history associations on the same topic;
  • In the autumn, the publication of two new books in the series "Villes en guerre” (Cities at War) published by  La Renaissance du Livre: "La Wallonie libérée" (Liberated Wallonia) and "Bruxelles, ville libérée" (Brussels, a liberated city);
  • On October 3, presentation and discussion of the results of the project TRANSMEMO (in the Belgian Senate);
  • In December, a study day dedicated to the 50th anniversary of CegeSoma and the 75th anniversary of the Liberation, during which the thematic issue of the Journal of Belgian History, "75 years of the history of the Second World War”, will be presented;
  • And, a sneak preview of the following year: in spring 2020, the release of a guide to the sources of the history of the resistance, following the same model laid out by the book published in 2017, “Papy était-il un nazi?” (Was Grandfather a Nazi?).

In addition to all these events, CegeSoma will continue to invite you to its public history meetings, its day dedicated to young Master-students and many other activities.

And last but not least, our online platform "Belgium WW II" will continue to integrate new themes and publish new texts.

* Editathon: A collaborative event during which editors create, modify and improve articles about a given topic or a particular type of content.