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A new offer of CegeSoma/State Archives.
The history of the 20th century and current events adressed through conferences, debates, interviews, film screenings, etc.
Events organised at or by CegeSoma. 
Our goal: exchanging ideas with the public!

At CegeSoma, on 20 February 2019 (12.30 pm – 2.00 pm)

'De overlevenden: de oorlog van de Belgische oud-strijders tijdens het interbellum'.

Conference and debate on the occasion of the publication of a first synthesis about Belgian veterans. Guests:  Antoon Vrints and Martin Schoups, authors of the publication.


Roughly 320,000 of the 360,000 Belgian soldiers who were mobilised during the First World War have survived.


After four years of violence, they finally were allowed to return home in late 1918. However, the veterans did not simply go back to their old lives.

They were convinced that they had the right to be recognised for their involvement in the war and that they had an important role to play in Belgian society.

As survivors they felt they had a moral debt towards their comrade-in-arms killed in action.


Upon their return, these veterans formed a strong social movement that would regularly challenge the Belgian establishment, both in campaigns and in government.


About the authors:


  Martin Schoups is a historian and currently FWO fellow at Ghent University (Research Unit Social History after 1750). Among others he has published works about the Belgian food policy after the First World War.
In his doctoral thesis he examined street protests in an urban context and within the framework of the democratisation process of Belgian society from 1880 to 1940.
  Antoon Vrints is lecturer in history at Ghent University (Research Unit Social History after 1750).
He has published works about the social history of the First World War and about long-term conflict regulation.
He is the author of 'Het theater van de straat. Publiek geweld in Antwerpen tijdens de eerste helft van de twintigste eeuw' (2011) about public violence in Antwerp in the first half of the 20th century and co-author, together with Maarten Van Ginderachter and Koen Aerts, of 'Het land dat nooit was. Een tegenfeitelijke geschiedenis van België' (2014) about the history of Belgium.


The conference will take place at the conference hall of CegeSoma (Square de l'Aviation/Luchtvaartsquare 29 – 1070 Brussels) and will be followed by a debate with the authors. Both will take place in Dutch.

The publication is on sale on site for € 22.50.

Please register for this event via isabelle.ponteville@arch.be or  02.556.92.11 and indicate your choice of sandwich if applicable* (5 Euros to be paid on site). * 2 types of sandwich (ham or cheese, or both) + softdrink (Cola, Fanta, water).

Feel free to come accompanied!

Save the date!
The next Public History Meeting will take place Wednesday 20 March at 12.30 pm.
At this meeting it will be our pleasure to welcome Anne Cornet and Enika Ngongo who will address the impact of the First World War in its colonial context.