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Du café liégeois au Soldat inconnu. La Belgique et la Grande Guerre.

Looking at a past that has forever marked our history

The authors of this book have wanted to describe a certain number of events of the First World War, but also the traces that the conflict left on Belgian society. The aim was not to be exhaustive, or several volumes would not have sufficed.


 A journey that begins …


The approach is reminiscent of the madeleine de Proust. Places, objects and symbols connect the events through some fifty richly illustrated notes based on the most recent historiographical sources.

Like every book, this one has a beginning (the invasion of Belgium) and an end (the First World War today), but, like every tourist guide, the journey could start anywhere: on the pontoon bridge in Antwerp or in the Belgian town halls where the citizens must for the first time collect their identity cards in 1915.


Chantal Kesteloot & Laurence van Ypersele (ed.),  Du café liégeois au Soldat inconnu. La Belgique et la Grande Guerre, Brussels, Editions Racine,  2018, 176 p.

The book is for sale at the price of 29,95 € (postage not included) and can be ordered via cegesoma@arch.be.


It can also be bought in our reading room (open from Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.).