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Was Grandfather a Nazi? The first reactions after the launch

On 13 September 2017, the book “Was Grandfather a Nazi?” was presented in the conference room of CegeSoma, in the presence of a large audience of press and public. The conference room proved too small for the large audience who wished to be present.
Bart Suys addressed the room on behalf of state secretary Zuhal Demir of the Federal Science Policy Office. He underlined the importance of this type of publication in which scientific (archival and historical) knowledge is brought to a large public.  He also said that the state secretary is trying to find a solution for the descendants of convicted collaborators who seek admission to the information in the archives of the military justice. The editor-in-chief of the book, dr. Koen Aerts (UGent) explained that the book is not just a 'guide' through the available source material, but that it could also play an important role in a public debate on the legacy of the war. An animated discussion followed, during which several descendants of convicted collaborators talked about their personal quest for the historical truth. Meanwhile, there was ample media attention for the book, in the Dutch-language as well as in the Francophone press. Here you will find photographs, a more extensive report and a few links to press reviews.