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The CEGESOMA is a Belgian centre of expertise with regard to 20th century conflicts. It regularly publishes, alone or in coedition, monographs and research tools.

To order a publication, send an email to cegesoma@cegesoma.be or telephone to 0032/2 556 92 11.

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Proceedings of the Study day on Belgian Military Justice


Mélanie Bost, Paul Drossens & Stanislas  Horvat (eds.) 


Resources and Uses of the Military Justice Archives 

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Piet Akkerman, du leader syndicaliste aux Brigades internationales


Sven Tuytens & Rudi Van Doorslaer 


Israëll Piet Akkerman. Van Antwerpse vakbondsleider tot Spanjestrijder 

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Questioning the archivistic potential of the image

Under the direction of

Julie Maeck (CegeSoma) & Matthias Steinle


L'image d'archives. Une image en devenir 

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War Mayors During the Second World War

Nico Wouters 


Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, 1938-46 

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War Children

Gerlinda Swillen  


De wieg van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Oorlogskinderen op de as Brussel-Berlijn 

[The Cradle of the Second World War – War Children on the Brussels-Berlin Axis]

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Cities at war, 1914-1918. Brussels


Chantal Kesteloot & Bruno Benvindo 


Bruxelles ville occupée, 1914-1918 

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Cities at war, 1914-1918. Wallonia

Alain Colignon & Mélanie Bost


La Wallonie dans la Grande Guerre, 1914-1918 

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14-18 through children’s eyes


The catalogue accompanying the exhibition “War in Short Pants, 14-18” recounts the fate of children during the Great War. After a presentation of the history of childhood in 1914-1918, the book follows the traces of seven boys and girls who experienced the conflict in Belgium, Germany, Russia, the Ottoman Empire and Australia. The catalogue is for sale at the CegeSoma at the price of €13.
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