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"Wallonia liberated", "Brussels, liberated city": photos wanted !

In view of the 75 anniversary of the Liberation and the end of the Second World War, two works will be published in the series "Villes en guerre" of Renaissance du Livre.

As for previous editions, these works rely heavily on photographs.

Which representation of the events is given through this medium? What do we learn from it? How to use it? Is it possible to write the history of cities at war by relying heavily on photographs?

 These are all kinds of questions that have been raised and adressed, and guided our work in previous editions about the First and the Second World War.

This time, the focus is on the period from D-Day to V-Day. There are certainly plenty of photographs to be found in the collections of the State Archives among others. But we are convinced that there still more photographic "treasures" to be discovered, which is why we call on you all to send us your photos...

Dear readers, do you indeed have "interesting photographs" of 1944-1945 in your private collections... or stowed away in the attic, that is to say moving, tragic or funny photographs of the cities your cities at the end of the occupation period?

For the edition about the Walloon cities, we are especially looking for photographs about the "Battle of the Bulge", both in small town directly involved (Malmedy, La Roche, Houffalize, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Vith… and Bastogne) and in larger cities close to the front (Liège, Verviers, Namur). We are also looking for illustrating the destructiveness of V1 and V2 rockets. Other subjects adressed will be the return of prisoners – war prisoners or political prisoners – in April and May 1945 and the commemorations (balls, historic and folkloristic parades, etc.) organised on the first anniversary of the Liberation, in September 1945.

For the edition about the capital, we would like to foreground all municipalities of the Brussels region, not only Brussels-City. subject matters can be family photos – marriages, Communions, class photos, etc. – taken at the end of the conflict, and pictures about cultural and sports events and activities, the re-opening of Brussels Free University (ULB), demonstrations, the presence of Allied forces in the capital, and official visits.

We are sure you can help us! Feel free to contact us!


For Brussels : Chantal.kestelot@arch.be

For cities in Wallonia: alain.colignon@arch.be