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Villes en guerre. La Wallonie sous l’Occupation, 1940-1945

Fabrice Maerten & Alain Colignon

Villes en guerre
La Wallonie sous l'Occupation, 1940-1945





Villes en guerre
La Wallonie sous l'Occupation, 1940-1945


This brand new publication offers an original synthesis of the occupation by confronting more than 220 photographs with the existing literature on the subject. No less than 124 cities and towns of the period before the amalgamation constitute the basis of this study, with a total of nearly one and a half million inhabitants or nearly half of the population in this period of war. The book consists of three parts: the cities, the industrial communities and the small regional centres.

Each type of town or city is described via many photographic images in the five parts of the book, i.e. the German invasion, the balance of power between the different authorities (the occupier, the elite, the collaboration and the resistance), daily life (work, the fight against shortages, culture and leisure), the increasing violence (violence between Belgians and Germans, of the Walloons among themselves, bombardments) and finally the liberation(s) (September 1944, counteroffensive in the Ardennes).


As a first synthesis of the history of (municipal) Wallonia during the occupation, this study focuses via text and image on the pressure of the circumstances, on the increasing tensions and on the many difficulties of that period, in particular in the workers suburbs. But via the many images of Walloon photographers outside the circuit of the official pro-German propaganda, it also underlines the often successful attempts of townspeople to safeguard their traditional way of life.


Fabrice Maerten and Alain Colignon are part of the team of historians of the Cegesoma. They are experts on daily life, the Resistance, the collaboration and the Catholic world in Belgium during the Second World War.


Since Juli 2013, the book is unfortunately out of print.


Villes en guerre. La Wallonie sous l'Occupation, 1940-1945 [Fabrice Maerten & Alain Colignon], Waterloo, Renaissance du livre – CEGESOMA, 2012, 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm, 179 p., 223 ill.



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