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Join our Team of Volunteers!

As you may have read in these pages, CegeSoma continuously acquires new archive funds, documentation and photographs.

When these funds arrive at our Centre, we first of all ensure their best possible conservation by eliminating everything that could damage them. We do this by transferring them to non-acidic maps and boxes. We then try, as quickly as possible, to make these archives available for research by making inventories, catalogues and data bases.


 Without the help of our team of volunteers, trainees and student workers, we would not be able to keep up the work involved in the acquisition of archives. We therefore want to celebrate them in this Newsletter and via a series of Facebook posts !


Working in the ArchivesTo file the Van Merode fund (paper documents) concerning war aviation, to make the inventory of the exhibits seized by the Military Prosecutor's office  for the collaboration trials, to draw up a detailed report on the state of preservation of our poster collection, etc.: our volunteers and trainees all have the ability to immerse themselves in these documents, often still unavailable for research purposes and to participate directly in the advance of research on the history of the 20th century.

Taking into account availability and personal interest, we propose either short and specific projects, or more lengthy and complex ones to our volunteers. For this purpose, they can count on the help of the archivists and historians of CegeSoma. The work is carried out according to the existing regulations at the State Archives. In this way, volunteers and trainees can develop their competences in archival preservation work and treatment of documents.


A Motived Team, Young and Less YoungOur team consists of persons still studying or just graduated who wish to gain experience which will be of use to them on the job market, but also of persons who dispose of some free time in their career, or who wish to make good use of their retirement by pursuing their personal interest in Belgian history. Each of them wishes to combine the useful to the pleasant by participating in the valorization of our heritage in a pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment.

If this kind of voluntary work appeals to you and you would like to join our team, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (02/556 92 11) or via cegesoma@cegesoma.be !


Mathieu Roeges


18 / 4 / 2017